Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter 2007 Beating Death Featured On 'The First 48'

Two Crack Dealing Teenagers Killed A 53-Year-Old Crack Addict For $20
Written by John Brown's Bones
Tor Hardy CincinnatiCrack is the motivating force in many crimes in America. Men and women are killed for just a handful of dollar bills by a combination of desperation and drug-induced blood lust. This "instant maniac" high of narcotics like crack take the smallest fear that a user has and amplifies it to a short-lived kind of homicidal insanity. It takes a tiny fear and multiplies it into deadly rage in a split second. Instant maniac.

In Cincinnati, 15-year-old Tor "Keeno" Hardy and 17-year-old Julian Douglas, fearing the loss of a $20 dollar drug debt to a crackhead became a death sentence for 53-year-old crack addict Gary Secone in December of 2007. The two burst into the victim's small apartment on the south east side of Cincinnati and demanded cash, then the victim's cellular phone before attacking Gary Secone and beating him to death on the stairs of his own apartment.

The severity of damage done to Secone's face and skull suggested a prolonged stomping of his skull by more than one individual as he lay helpless on the ground. Secone's wife, also a crack addict, was the first to find his dying body in the stairwell that cold December night.

1900 Sutton, the address in Mount Washington where Hardy and Douglas murdered Secone for twenty dollars.

During the investigation Hardy tried to blame the murder on text messages that forced him to kill Secone. Police, based on cell phone records of the victim, say no such messages where sent to Hardy at any time.

For callously and casually murdering Secone, Tor Hardy pled guilty to Manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2008. His accomplice, Julian Douglas pled guilty to Aggravated Robbery in exchange for his testimony against Hardy and was sentenced to 3 years. Douglas, whom all evidence points at being an accomplice in the murder of Mr. Secone will be released next month in time for Christmas.

Secone will never celebrate another Christmas, crackhead or not, as he is busy being dead and buried at Mount Repose Cemetery in Haverstraw, New York.

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