Friday, September 19, 2008

The Death Penalty

Convicted Killer Melvin Lee ParrishMelvin Lee Parrish, born June 24th 1963, was sentenced to death on February 1st 2001 in Jefferson County Court, in Louisville, for two counts of murder, criminal attempted Murder, Robbery and being persistent Felony Offender.

On December 5th 1997, Parrish stabbed and killed a 6-month pregnant woman, her 8-year old son and stabbed her 5-year old son 9 times. The 5-year old survived the attack.

Parrish was trying to take money from the woman when the offenses took place.

His recent appeals to the Kentucky Supreme Court to halt his execution, arguing among other thing that he had insufficient counsel, were struck down in September of 2008.

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