Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The fact that it was innocent children makes it even more devastating,"

Man Held in Connection With Triple Murder
By: John Brown's Bones
Suspected Rapist and Child Murderer Mark Pickens is Arraigned
Suspected Rapist and Child Murderer Mark Pickens is Arraigned.

It's easy to rationalize the slaughter of human beings, provided it isn't happening very close to you. On June 2nd of 2009 a young, naive 19-year old mother was forced to watch as a thug turned her innocent 9-month-old baby boy into a bloody pink cloud, then the killed a 3-year-old girl she was babysitting right before he killed her - how do you rationalize that, anywhere?

There are only unanswerable questions that will come to mind.

1. Why would any responsible mother allow a gun-toting felon, with a long history of gun-related crime including robbery and assault, anywhere near children?

2. Why would the victim, after Pickens shot her ex-boyfriend earlier this year, allow him in her apartment at all?

3. According to a police report obtained by WLWT Channel 5, Pickens allegedly raped Noelle Washington the previous day - why wasn't anyone in Washington's family or in her building there to protect her when he came back?

4. Why would the ex-boyfriend and father of Anthony Jones, who was shot multiple times by Pickens nearly killing him, not press Attempted Murder or Felonious Assault Charges against Pickens?

5. If the ex-boyfriend knew that if he refused to face his attacker in court that his infant son would be murdered by the very same man who shot him - would he do things differently?

6. Why are the comment boards on local media outlets full of blame for Cincinnati City Council? They are not to blame for an out-of-control monster and a downtown population that actively fights against justice. The fact that the Jail Tax of 2008 was voted down and no new jail was present had nothing to do with Picken's opportunity to kill these three innocent people. Pickens was on the streets due to the fact no charges were being pressed on his failed attempt to kill Washington's ex-boyfriend in March of 2009. How is this one man's failure to stand up and prosecute the fault of local government?

When this city can begin to ask these questions we, as members of the same community, can begin to more forward as human beings and not exist as fractured cities within cities who are bound only by geography and area codes.

08/05/09 UPDATE: Mark Pickens is formally indicted in the murders of Noelle Washington, 19 and two children: 9-month-old baby, Anthony Jones, and her best friend's 3-year-old daughter, Sharailyn Wright. The Prosecutor's Office is pursuing this as a Death Penalty case.

07/01/10 UPDATE:

Two years after the vicious murder of women and children the murderer is sentenced to die.

Mark Pickens has been sentenced to Death for murdering a woman, a new born baby and a toddler. Cincinnati justice Martin Sutton sentenced Pickens to three death sentences.

This blog posting title is quoted from Reverend Edward Byers, of the St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church.