Thursday, December 25, 2008

Attempted Cop Killer's Appeal Denied

By: John Brown's Bones
Dante Person - A527206 - Warren Correctional InstitutionDante Person
Warren Correctional Institution

Degree of Felony: First
Victim Info: Female

Degree of Felony: First
Victim Info: Female


Degree of Felony: Third

Sentence: 26 years 6 months

22-year old Dante Person is sitting in Warren Correctional Facilty sentenced to spend his next 30 years in prison for attempting to shoot a female Cincinnati Police, Officer Kristina Holtmann. Person attempted to shoot Officer Holtmann in the face during a 2006 during a routine traffic stop.

In his appeal he characterized the shooting as an accident.

Due to nothing less than a miracle, Officer Holtman was not killed or seriouslly injured. The bullets Dante Person fired pierced the bill of her Holtmann's hat, grazed her right cheek, and left left shrapnel in her eye. Wounded, she still managed to fire three shots - the last of which wounded Dante Person in the thigh. Person was later apprehended in a basement he'd broken into on 4913 Corrinth Avenue in Bond Hill.

Person was aquitted of Attempted Murder by jury trial in 2006 but found guilty of two counts of Felonius Assault (F-1's), one count of Carrying a Concealed Weapon (F-4), and Possession of a Firearm under Disability (F-3). This last charge means a felon has forfeited his constitutional right to possess or carry a firearm yet has one anyway - usually in the commisson of a crime.

Almost four years later, Person has claimed that his statements to the police of "go fuck yourself" were misunderstood, that his lawyer (the disgraced attorney Ken Lawson) who got him aquitted of Attempted Murder was ineffective as counsel, and that the shooting was an accident even though a firearms expert during his original trial proved otherwise. Person's seven point assignment of error in his appeal for a new trial was heard and denied by the Appealate Court in December of 2007. There is no available word on when his first parole hearing occurs.

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