Monday, August 24, 2009

"Do You Know Who My Father Is?"

By: John Brown's Bones
Respected councilman's adult daughter Celeste Thomas
Respected councilman's adult daughter Celeste Thomas is arrested with Burglary Suspect, Demetri Washington.
There's finally a female entry in the That's So Gangsta Blog - although the woman's "mug shot" has since been removed from the Hamilton County Sheriff Department's web site.

Early Sunday morning, a burglary suspect with a lengthy criminal record was arrested after a hit-and-run accident. His passenger was the 26-year-old daughter of respected councilman, Cecil Thomas. The woman, Celeste Thomas, was tased and arrested when she failed to comply with a lawful order given multiple times.

Burglary Suspect Demetri Washington
Burglary suspect Demetri Washington is currently being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Celeste Thomas is the daughter of respected councilman and 27-year Cincinnati Police Department veteran Cecil Thomas. She became argumententive in the vein of "Do you know who my FATHER is?!" according to the video transcript from the patrol car's cruiser camera during the arrest. The driver of the vehicle, 33-year old Demetri Washington was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest, criminal damaging, driving under suspension, three moving violations and an open felony (F-2) warrant for Burglary. Their arrest came after Washington, driving Thomas's car, struck a city garbage truck with the vehicle.

It seems difficult comprehend what Celeste Thomas was doing in a car with a drunk convicted felon who had an open F-2 warrant and then argueing with officers about the validity of the arrest. After the arrest and arraignment, Thomas is insisting that she was brutalized for being tased during the arrest.

This is not the story of an out of control police force - the bad, old CPD from 2000 and the riots of 2001. Do not be distracted by headline grabbers or acts of insincere appeasement. This is the story of a half-drunk over-priviledged woman who wants special treatment for partying with criminals because her father is an important and respected man. Celeste is unaware how lucky she was that she only was tased by police and not harmed by the drunk and violent "ganstas" that she was clubbing with on Saturday night.

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