Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Police Make Arrest In Fatal Downtown Stabbing
From the WLWT story posted March 2nd 2009.

CINCINNATI - Police have made an arrest March 2nd 2009 in the fatal stabbing of a store owner in downtown Cincinnati.

Marcus Hill, 21, is charged with the brutal murder of Wade Nassar, 62, who was stabbed to death inside of his store on 9th and Elm Street. Hill had a open warrant for Kidnapping at the time of the murder. His bond is set at $1.5 million.

Suspected Killer Marcus Hill
Suspected killer Marcus Hill is on trial for the aggravated murder of a 62-year-old man.

A customer found Nassar dead behind the counter of Linda's Mini-Mart just before 3 p.m. Monday. According to police, Nassar died of blunt force trauma and had been stabbed several times.

Police released the 911 call made by the customer. On the call, the customer can be heard describing what he found when he walked into the store. The customer also warns several people walking up to the store not to go inside.

Wade Nassar was no stranger to crime at his store. In November 2007, Nassar fired several shots at a would-be robber who tried to hold up his store. Nassar missed and the robber got away. There was no indication that this latest incident had anything to do with the attempted robbery in 2007.

Nassar’s sons said that they had tried to get him to stop working in the store even trying to get him to sell the store at one point.

"I tried to tell him, I said, 'You need to leave, you're getting too old to be in there,’" Mohamad Nassar said.

Wade Nassar in 2007 after fending off an armed robbery in Over-The-Rhine.
Wade Nassar in 2007 after fending off an armed robbery in Over-The-Rhine.

They said their dad wouldn't walk away - it wasn't in his nature to give in.

"He kept holding out hope that he was going to be able to do something with the business," Mohamad Nassar said.

But they said they think their dad had given up carrying a gun to protect himself, after his most recent run-in.

"I think he changed his method of protection from a gun to a can of green beans or whatever he could grab off the shelf," Nizar Nassar said.

His sons have both worked in the store in the past, but they said it's not clear at this point whether it will stay open.

The title of this posting comes from a quote from Joshua Davis, a customer, who saw a young man running away from the crime scene clothes covered in Nassar's blood.

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