Monday, February 7, 2011

Prosecutors Say Father Beat Toddler To Death

Story by: John Brown's Bones
Accused murderer James Lyons Imagine that you are the Hamilton County Coroner. You are looking over a 2-foot long pile that is little more than an infant. A 19-month old toddler. A boy that could barely walk when he lived. He never lived long enough to learn how to run. The child-pile has been viciously beaten to death by the one man that, above all other men on earth, was charged with protecting him from harm.

The corpse belongs to Jaden Lyons. He was allegedly killed by his own father, 27-year-old James Lyons.

What do you tell yourself as you weigh the body? As you examine each tiny broken rib? What do you tell yourself you note the telltale pattern of deep bruising and healed fractures to Jaden's body from prior vicious beatings?

Do you tell yourself that it's "social darwinism"? Survival of the "fittest" in society? That this is what happens in the 'hood? That a few kids have to be ruthlessly killed every few weeks in order for many more to live on?

If it is survival of the "fittest", what part of a 6 foot tall monster was fitter to live than 2 foot tall child?

In the real deal jungle, even small primates and gazelles will risk their own lives to protect their children from predators like nature's perfect killer the lion. Small mammals will face lions that are larger, stronger, and odds on more deadly any day of the week than the monkeys or wild deer that stand between their offspring and certain death. That is no fucking lie, Chuckles.

If you follow the thinking of those who subscribe to social Darwinism or the 'hood mentality: animals in the wild love their offspring more than humans, and are therefore more "fit", simply because they would protect their children - even if it meant they were eaten alive in the process.

As a child-killer or social Darwinist, to what god are you praying to that says that this kind of crime is OK? This is not the God of fathers, uncles, brothers, and men. And apparently it's not the god of wild animals either.

This child blood thirsty god is the god of the insane. It is a deranged kind of "god" that whispers to weak-minded men that it's OK to harm children. This is no god of mine. He is death incarnate.

Even in prison, where some say God is deaf, those who have broken rule #1 (i.e. YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH KIDS) will find their incarceration to be as painful as possible. The way they did Jeffrey Dahmer (in a staff bathroom) or any child rapist that's quickly turned out, with Kool-Aid eyeliner, into another prison bitch. These fates will look remarkably merciful once a child-killer's fellow inmates find out who he is.

Did I mention that those real deal letter-writing-machines still exist in modern day America? Add to this fact that there are only a handful of Sex Camps in Ohio and that victim's families consistently pay top dollar to C.O.s and inmates to let the "right people" know exactly who child killers like Mr. James Lyons are.

Headlines like "Child-killer horrifically murdered in prison" always sell a lot of newspapers. In any town.

UPDATE 02/2011
James P Lyons A64709James Lyons was found guilty of Aggravated Murder and Felonious Assault that resulted in the death of his one-year-old son Jaden Lyons. He was sentenced to Life Without Parole by Cincinnati judge Patrick Dewine.

Mr. Lyons is currently housed at the Lebanon Correction Facilty in South Western Ohio one of Ohio's maximum security prisons for serious and long-term inmates.

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