Monday, October 19, 2009

Where is suspected Northside 'Taliband' member Eric Gibson?

By John Brown's Bones
Convicted members of the Taliband face their prison sentences in a Cincinnati court
Convicted members of the 'Taliband' face their prison sentences in a Cincinnati court.
In a major sweep of gang members in inner city Cincinnati, an inter-agency police force armed with a 95 count indictment rounded up 50 members of a crack cocaine distribution network in November of 2008 but fugitives from this sweep remain at large.

Eric Gibson is a 24-year old resident of College Hill described by Cincinnati Police Captain Dan Gerard as a leader in a street gang dubbed the Northside "Taliband". The gang is known locally for street attacks on the elderly and robbing young women. In one case, a Taliband member stole $3 from two women and broke several of one of the victim's teeth out.

Gibson was arrested at the time of the November raids and arraigned on weapons and drug charges. Although Gibson bragged to officers during his arrest that he could handle the charges stemming from the 11 ounces of cocaine and .44 caliber handgun that he was found in the possessed of during the execution of a related search warrant. However, he reportedly fainted in a court room when he learned he was facing a life sentence.

His arrests up to that point, prior to the charges of Participating in a Criminal Gang and nine counts of Trafficking and Possession of Cocaine were petty. Jaywalking, Open Flask, Driving Under Suspension or Marajuana and Cocaine Possession (later reduced to Drug Abuse in one case) being the most serious of his offenses prior to his involvement in the "Taliband".

Most of these previous charges were ultimately dismissed, ignored or given extremely light sentences. His jail time was minor even when involving cases that Gibson jumped bail on or didn't appear in court on without the benefit of a nationwide warrant ordered.

In one such case, even after skipping a court appearance, Gibson was given 60 days for Trafficking Cocaine. In this case, he was never sent to prison - doing two months time in the Hamilton County Justice Center instead.

However, facing significantly more than a two month sentence in a local jail, Gibson apparently managed to get bail October 8th of 2008. He skipped his November 24th court date the following month and has not been seen in Cincinnati in nearly a year.

No one matching Gibson's name or description is currently incarcerated in the Hamilton County Jail or in the Ohio prison system. A warrant was issued from Judge Ruehlman's court in November of 2008. However, Gibson is not listed as a fugitive at the SOFAST (Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Taskforce) web site or on the local Crimestoppers web page.

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Inmate records, currently there is a "Jason Gibson" with a birth date of 09/16/1985. Eric Gibson's DOB, according to court records is listed as 09/22/1985. This inmate has a completely separate criminal record and is not him.

Where is Eric Gibson? If you have any information on Eric Gibson or any other fugitive Northside "Taliband" members please report it to Crimestoppers or SOFAST. You will remain anonymous and may be eligible to recieve a cash reward.

US Marshals Service

Greater Cincinnati Crime Stoppers

UPDATE: 10/21/09
Crack dealer 19-year-old Eric Gibson
Eric Gibson is in the Boone Kentucky County Jail awaiting his November 24th trial for 5 counts of Trafficking Cocaine and Gun Charges.
Sources have informed this Blog Desk that Eric Gibson is now in federal custody on weapons charges. He does not currently appear on the Federal Bureau of Prisons or Hamilton County Sheriff's Office web site as an inmate.

As a civilian entity, it is difficult to track prisoners that are facing but not yet convicted of federal charges. However, if and when a mug shot becomes available, it will be posted here with Eric Gibson's next court appearance.