Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The day ended in tragedy because of the decisions of Mr. Ward."

The Spring Grove Shoot-Out
By John Brown's Bones

A man goes berserk and shoots at four cops during a routine traffic stop in Cincinnati.

This chilling video shows Randolph Ward trying to steal a tow truck after carjacking two Bob Sumerel Tire employees at gunpoint. What you don't see are the cars driving by as lunch hour traffic rolls by the scene that are completely unaware that bullets are flying. What you can't see are the bullets streaking past Officer Newman (dressed in gray and jeans) to the right of the driver's side of the tow truck.

At a press conference held just 24 hours after the shooting, Police Chief Thomas Streicher outlined this incident in depth. Streicher said the tow truck was locked in place. Ward couldn't move it because of a hydraulic stabilizer that was in place and grew more desparate as the officers surrounded him.

At that point, the video shows Officer Schnieder approaching the truck ordering the man out and then firing her Taser twice before Ward aimed his weapon and fired three shots at her.

At that time, two other officers opened fire on Ward, firing 17 shots and hitting Ward several times. Randolph "Randy" Ward, 27, died at the scene in the driver seat of the frozen tow truck.

"The day ended in tragedy because of the decisions of Mr. Ward," Mayor Mark Mallory said to the gathering of reporters and city council members.

Chief Streicher said that Ward had active warrants and was on probation for a weapons conviction. Ward likely knew the gun would be found if he were arrested. It still remains unclear why Ward would attempt to kill several police officers and flee from Misdemeanor warrants but drugs are strongly suspected as the motive for his shooting spree.

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