Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Execution is the solution."

Man Executed For 1984 Rapes and Murders
By: John Brown's Bones
Convicted Rapists and Killers Alton Coleman and Deborah Brown
Convicted rapists and killers of women and children Alton Coleman and Deborah Brown in 1985.

28-year-old Alton Coleman and his accomplice 21-year old Deborah Brown raped or robbed and then killed eight people, seven of them women - including four young girls and an elderly women in Illinois, Indiana, eastern Michigan and in northern and in southern Ohio. The murders and rapes occurred during the summer of 1984 before culminated with the couples capture in Evanston, Illinois. Coleman and Brown, who were black, preyed on other African Americans, with Marlene Walters his only white murder victim.

The background of Alton Coleman starts as Coleman born as the unwanted child of a drug addicted prostitute mother in 1955. He was raised by his grandmother and grew up in Waukegan, Illinois, north of Chicago. Coleman spent his early life raping children and elderly women. That was his M.O. until he met Deborah Brown. Brown seemed to be his catalyst for progressing to murder.

Coleman was scheduled to go on trial in Illinois on charges stemming from the rape of a 14-year-old girl when he fled and began his indiscriminate killing with Brown.

Deborah Brown was later diagnosed as borderline retarded with an IQ of 59 to 74. A childhood head injury that left her in a permanently dazed state of awareness. When she described the killing during the sentencing portion of her first Ohio trial she appeared to be defending her actions. She was quoted as saying: "I don't give a damn. I had fun out of it."

Together, the Coleman and Brown were convicted of 8 murders, 7 rapes, 3 kidnappings, and 14 armed robberies and sentenced to Death in four states.

Coleman and Brown's 1984 Victims
7-year-old Tamika Turks - rape and strangulation (Kenosha, WI.)
9-year-old Rachelle Temple - rape and strangulation (Toledo, OH.)
9-year-old Vernita Wheat - rape and strangulation (Waukegan, IL.)
15-year-old Tonnie Storey - rape and strangulation (Cincinnati, OH.)
25-year-old Donna Williams - rape and strangulation (Gary, IN.)
30-year-old Virginia Temple - rape and strangulation (Toledo, OH.)
44-year-old Marlene Walters - bludgeoned (Cincinnati, OH.)
77-year-old Eugene Scott - stabbed and shot (Indianapolis, IN.)

Convicted Rapist and Killer Alton ColemanIn April of 2002, 46-year-old Alton Coleman became the 771st person to be executed in Ohio. This was just the 4th execution in Ohio since the end of the national moratorium on the death penalty was lifted in 1976. Deborah Brown is serving a life sentence in Marysville Prison, commuted from Death in 1991 by Governor Celeste due Brown's mental retardation, but Brown is still sentenced to die in Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

Harry Walters, who was badly injured in the attack that killed his wife Marlene Walters was among those to watch Coleman's execution in person with sons-in-law Michael Blunt and Scott Lillard. As Coleman died by lethal injection from a $43 dose of generic chemicals Walters told reporters that "execution is the solution" to winning justice and the closure he feels his family has been denied for nearly 20 years.

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