Thursday, November 12, 2009

"I'm dead."

Restaurant Owner Survives Shooting
By: John Brown's Bones
Ambar India Restaurant, a popular restaurant in Clifton.
On September 13th, the owner and manager of the popular Ambar India Restaurant, a restaurant in Clifton, was shot twice in a cold-blooded attack. Jesse Singh, miraculously, has since recovered from the gun shot wounds to his head and shoulder inflicted after a man fired without warning or provocation. The shooter walked up to Singh's vehicle late on a Sunday night, in front of the Ambar, and shot the man twice before fleeing on foot.

"I'm dead." Mr. Singh says, describing his thoughts during the attack to reporters.

Covered in broken glass and blood rushing from his wounds, Mr. Singh made it out of his car and into a another nearby restaurant to phone police. This part of Cincinnati, known for the University of Cincinnati and nearby Cincinnati State, has seen a spike in street robberies. But robbery, apparently, was not the motive this night.

Mr. Singh believes that the motive was to collect on a contract killing, although random shootings like this one, are not completely unknown in Cincinnati. Random shootings are usually committed by gang members or the mentally ill. It becomes difficult to rationalize what drives men to kill brutally eachother and more so when there is no apparent motive.

Police sketch of the shooter
The shooter is described as a black male, 200 pounds, 5" 11' tall and in his late teens or early twenties. Police investigating this shooting are asking the community for help. There is a $3,000 dollar reward for information about the shooter. Call 352-3040. Tipsters to CrimeStoppers are identified by code numbers, not names.

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