Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"I literally thought I was going to die."

Man Strikes Mother of Four Over 30 Times With Brick
By: John Brown's Bones
Norman McCraryNorman McCrary, 42, of Fay Apartments, faces charges of felonious assault in connection with the November 2nd attack in the 200 block of Clifton Avenue, according to Hamilton County court records.

The nearly 300 pound man was sought for the brutal beating of a Cincinnati woman and mother of four children left both of her wrists broken, severe facial lacerations and wounds to her head. He used a brick to strike Ruth Stacey over 30 times leaving her battered and bloody.

"I literally thought I was going to die." Stacey told Channel 12 reporters during an interview.

Sources say that everything was not OK with Norman McCrary long before the attack nearly killed Ruth Stacey.

"Yeah, I was locked up with weird, old Norman in the old Queensgate days." says an anonymous source. "He was a real creepy guy. See, he'd sit on his bunk all damn day and draw women. He'd draw all the details - you know? Tits, legs, asses - but he wouldn't put any faces on them. All these drawings of faceless women laying around his bunk. Real creepy, you know?"

McCreary was arrested four days after the attack, on the 6th, after beating a woman so badly that she required 400 stitches. His bond was set at $450,000. If convicted he faces up to 8 and half years in prison.

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