Monday, December 7, 2009

Man Kills Single Mother, Then Self

Young Mother Murdered in College Hill
Re-printed from the original story at WKRC Local 12
Leetae WilliamsAs the sun set on December 7th 2009 at the Ashtree Apartments a young mother was brutally murdered. The Ashtree Apartments are in the southernmost section of College Hill on Hamilton Avenue where it meets Northside. In the building's parking lot, a convicted drug dealer pulled a gun on his ex-girlfriend and fired - killing her and setting off a gun battle then a SWAT stand-off that ended when the suspect fired his gun for the final time - this time ending his own life.

Cincinnati police say the suspect shot a young mother to death Sunday night, fired several rounds at SWAT officers, hitting one officer twice in the helmet before turning the gun on himself.

According to reports, 28-year-old Leetae Williams shot 23-year-old Kaniesha Dangerfield to death as she sat in a car parked outside the Ashtree Apartments on Casey Drive in College Hill around 5 p.m. Dangerfield had apparently gone to the apartment which she shared with Williams, along with a male friend, to retrieve some belongings. Williams approached the couple with a 9 mm handgun and demanded they leave.

Dangerfield and her friend went out to her car but Williams followed with his gun. Dangerfield's friend, who had a concealed carry permit, pulled out his gun and fired a shot at Williams. The gun then jammed and Dangerfield's friend ran off. Police believe that's when Williams shot Dangerfield to death.

Officers did not know where to find Williams until a woman in the Ashtree Apartments called around 8 p.m. to report that someone was inside her apartment. The woman said she'd left for a few minutes and when she returned, the door was locked.

Kaniesha DangerfieldPolice surrounded the apartment where Williams was hold up. SWAT officers knocked down the door and were deploying a robotic camera into the apartment when Williams fired shots at officers, hitting the Kevlar helmet of SWAT officer Dan Kowalski twice. The officer was treated and released from University Hospital. This is the second time in two months that a police officer has survived a gun battle with a volent drug dealer in Cincinnati.

SWAT Officers finally got the robotic camera into the apartment-that's when they heard a muffled gunshot. The first robot, and a second camera hidden inside a special ball, found Williams body and confirmed he died of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

Police haven't commented on a motive for Dangerfield's murder. But a check of court records shows that Williams faced charges of assault and domestic violence in June for an incident involving Dangerfield. The affidavit for that case shows that Williams was accused of kicking and punching Dangerfield in the head, causing "serious injury." At the time, Williams was released on bond and had a electronic home monitor but the charges were dismissed a month later. Williams has a 10 year long criminal history with charges for aggravated menacing, domestic violence, burglary, drug abuse, possession of cocaine and drug trafficking.

Dangerfield also had faced charges for making a false report, joy riding and possession of marijuana. She leaves behind three small children.

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