Friday, December 18, 2009

Man Arrested After Violent Mugging

Robbery on U.C. Campus Ends With Arrest
By: John Brown's Bones
Suspected Mugger Nikko PullinsCincinnati Police arrested Nikko Pullins, a Kennedy Heights man with a history of violence and drugs, charging him with Aggravated Robbery after a group of three people were robbed at point in the 2300 block of Stratford Avenue near the University of Cincinnati's campus late Thursday evening. Police say Pullins didn't manage to get away with any property but one victim was punched in the face but no one was seriously injured in the attempted robbery.

When police tried to arrest Pullins, he struggled with officers and ran. Police caught up and used a Taser to subdue him.

There is no word if this suspect is connected to the recent muggings around the U.C. area in Clifton. Four female U.C. were robbed two weeks ago by three males near West Corry Street in University Heights. This happened around 3:30 a.m. on 12/02/2009 when the three men approached and demanded their belongings. The women fought back, wrestling the suspects to the ground at one point until one of the suspects pulled out a gun. In that case, officers searched the area but could not find the suspects and haven't released a description of the men wanted in the robbery.

Nikko Pullins, according to court records, was currently in the middle of a Possession of Cocaine case from August of this year when the Robbery allegedly occurred. Pullins will be arraigned in a Cincinnati court room at 9 AM today.

UPDATE 12/16/2010:
Nikko Pullins recieved 2 years in prison for this violent robbery at the University of Cincinnati campus from Judge Jerome Metz. He scheduled for release near Christmas of 2012 and will be free to return to the Cincinnati streets at that time.

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