Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roselawn Teen Arrested For Rape Of 4-Year-Old

Re-posted from the original article at WCPO by Paul O'Keefe
Suspected Child Rapist Michael DudleyCINCINNATI - A Roselawn teen was arrested and charged with raping a 4-year-old girl on December 22nd 2009. Late that Monday night Cincinnati police say they took 18-year-old Michael Dudley into custody and charged the teenager with two charges of Rape in connection with a 4-year-old girl.

Police say that early Monday morning, Dudley assaulted the girl inside a College Hill apartment on the 1600 block of Northwood Drive.

UPDATE 05/11/2010
Although the story of Michael Larry Dudley's trial did not make headlines the local Cincinnati news, Dudley, on April 28th 2010, had both charges of Rape against his 4-year-old victim dismissed. This came as a shock to spectators as there were multiple Prosecution witnesses who testified against him at his trial but evidently there was not enough physical evidence to convict of Dudley of doing more than molesting the 4-year-old child.

Dudley was sentenced to 10 months in prison by Judge Pat Dewine for Gross Sexual Imposition and is now a convicted Tier 2 sex-offender classified as a Child-Victim offender.

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