Friday, January 1, 2010

Naked Hitchhiker Wants $15 Million

Naked Hitchhiker Sues Police
by: John Brown's Bones
Terry Williams Jr.In 2007, an incoherent Terry Williams Jr. of Covington, Kentucky was arrested while was he was walking, completely naked and high on ecstacy (a cocaine and heroin derivative in pill form), along a busy freeway on the night of July 7th.

Nearly two years after being tried and convicted of crimes related to his bizarre drug induced incident from 2007 - in 2009 Terry Williams Jr. and his lawyer, local heavy weight Eric Deters, have filed a $15 million dollar law suit against the Kenton County Sheriff's Office in northern Kentucky.

Although Terry Williams Jr. was convicted of commiting this bizarre crime while under the influence of cocaine and heroin, his suit alleges that police officers used excessive force when detaining him. This, while Terry Williams Jr. was apprehended while completely naked and high on drugs walking oblivious to oncoming traffic on the busy Kentucky freeway. To the even most casual observer it appears that the same Covington police who saved this drug addict are now being sued for saving his life.

One look at William's criminal record paints the picture of a career criminal and chronic drug user with a history of ignoring police - including being convicted of Failing To Comply with police in 2001. In this case, it would seem that police had every reason to believe that Terry Williams Jr., incoherent, naked and high on cocaine and heroin would need to be forcibly arrested.

The case goes before civil court judge in 2010.

UDPATE 06/2011
The Kentucky Court of Appeals has rejected Terry Williams Jr.'s claim of excessive force during his arrest on July 8th 2007 for Public Intoxication and Indecent Exposure while walking naked down I-75 in northern Kentucky.

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