Friday, February 26, 2010

"Pure evil just exists."

Jury Selection Underway for Suspected Serial Killer
By: John Brown's Bones
Suspected child murderer and rapist Anthony Kirkland
Suspected child murderer and rapist Anthony Kirkland arrested for Murder in March 2009.

The first phase of suspected child murderer and rapist Anthony Kirkland's trial, in the court of Judge Charles Kubicki, will begin today downtown in Cincinnati. Kirkland, 41, was already a registered sex-offender with an address listed in South Fairmount who had already served 16 years in prison for strangling Leola Douglas, 28, in Hyde Park and then burning her corpse in 1987. Kirkland was set free in 2003 for this crime. Now, in 2010, Kirkland faces murder charges for the gruesome deaths four women, ages 13 to 45.

During jury selection, extra security will be on hand due to Kirkland's bizarre and suicidal behavior since being found just feet from the partially burned body of what is believed to be his final victim, 13-year-old Esme Kinney, whose remains were discovered in Winton Hills on March 7th of 2009.

At the time of the March arrest Kirkland was in possession of an iPod music player that was marked "Property of Esme Kinney". It is unclear if Kirkland's DNA was left at this murder scene or at others since Compulsory DNA Collection in Ohio per ORC 2901.07 has only been in effect since 2003. This law was not apparently in effect until after Anthony Kirkland was released from prison sentence for Murder in 2003. There was no way for investigators to tell, beginning with the first rape and murder in 2006 of Casonya "Sharee" Crawford, to whom this DNA belonged.

In court, Anthony Kirkland has feigned at least one heart attack and has stated to Hamilton County personnel that he "wants the cops to kill him". Kirkland may get his wish, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is seeking the Death Penalty in this case.

In a recent interview with Kimball Perry of Cincinnati newspaper The Enquirer the Prosecutor Joe Deters stated: "It's very disturbing because our victims were so innocent."

Kimya Rolison, Esme Kinney and Casonya Crawford

Kirkland will be tried for four counts of murder for killing 25-year-old Kimya Rolison, 13-year-old Esme Kinney, 14-year-old Casonya "Sharee" Crawford and 45-year-old Mary Jo Newton. Each murder victim is pictured directly above.

UPDATE 04/12/2010
Anthony Kirkland has been found Guilty on 10 counts involving the murders of four women including attempted Rape, Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Robbery and Gross Abuse of a Corpse.
Convicted child murderer and rapist Anthony Kirkland is led away to await his execution.
Convicted child murderer and rapist Anthony Kirkland is led away to await his execution.

During the original investigation, later used as evidence against him, Kirkland confessed to police, in a chilling emotional removed fashion, how he killed the two girls.

“Pure evil just exists,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters told the jury in his closing arguments on Friday March the 12th. “There are people out there. People like Kirkland.”

Anthony Kirkland was sentenced to Death on Monday March 15th 2010. When led out of court after the sentence was read, Kirkland began babbling a string of incoherent excuses for the murders to reporters including saying: "What makes a person do this?".

This raises the question: Shouldn't Anthony Kirkland, above all people, as the person most completely involved in these gruesome murders, know exactly why he killed four women?

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