Monday, January 2, 2012

Who Killed 15-Year Old Mark Hooten?

15-Year-Old's Killers Remain At Large
By: John Brown's Bones

Mark HootenIn 2009, Mark Hooten was a 15-year-old kid from South Cumminsville, a small neighborhood close to Northside, in Cincinnati. During the early morning of July 23rd in 2009, Mark Hooten was killed in the his neighborhood - shot in the back by two, as of yet, unidentified black teenagers.

As patience and tolerence for violent crime in the city is bitterly tested, especially for murderous drug-fueled thugs in the wake of serial rapist David "Blue Eyed Rapist" Hopper who raped a dozen women over the course of decades and serial child murderer Anthony Kirkland who burned the corpses of his female victims until he was caught directly next to the remains of his final victim 12 year-old Esme Kinney, unsolved crimes like the murder of Mark Hooten weigh heavily on Cincinnati residents' minds yet the culprits still remain free as of 2012.

The first vigil for Hooten was held at the corner of Elmore Street and Borden Street in South Cumminsville for Mark Hooten on Tuesday night February 23th 2010. There, residents remembered a victim of violent drug thug culture that preys on children. The family has tearfully asked that anyone with information about the shooting please come forward to get these murdering thugs off the streets before more incidents are allowed to occur.

Any information about this crime can be reported Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040 or text (513) 352-3050. All information remains confidential and may be eligible for cash rewards if it leads to arrests.

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