Monday, November 29, 2010

"A kid from suburbs who all of the sudden thinks he's street savvy."

Arrest In Murder of Indiana Teen
Re-printed from a story at WLWT Channel 12 on October 21st 2010

Murder suspect 21 year old Joseph Harris.Cincinnati Police say they've made an arrest in the murder of an Indiana teen in Winton Terrace. Murder charges are now filed against 21 year old Joseph Harris (pictured to the left) for the death of 18-year-old Shane Gulleman on September 26th in Winton Terrace. Police say the shooting happened during a robbery attempt.

Officers tell Local 12 that Gulleman was in the area buying drugs when Harris apparently decided to rob him. He is accused of shooting Gulleman five times in the chest.

After his murder, Shane's family told Local 12 they knew he was battling a drug problem, but say he was a bright young teen who was trying to get himself together and stay away from heroin. "They haven't destroyed just Shane, they destroyed a family."

Shane Gulleman's aunt says their family is struggling to deal with Shane's violent death. By all accounts, he was a bright, young man who did well at Lawrenceburg High School and was in his first semester at Indiana University.

Kay Palmer, Victim's Aunt: "Never cracked a book and he made straight A's. He's a straight A student. He was a very happy, young man and had a future of anything he wanted to be." This is in direct contradiction with Shayne Gulleman's Myspace scowling persona, Dwayne Pooh Bear 24, who claims to be of African descent, sports gang related signs and declares: "TaLk ShIt Get slit! Yea dig??".

Murder victim Shane GullemanLt. Col. Vince Demasi, Cincinnati Police was quoted as saying: "What's really tragic about this situation is that it happens at least once or twice a year, where you have someone from the suburbs who all of the sudden thinks they're street savvy."

Officers are hoping Shane's death serves as a warning to people who naively come to the city to score drugs. Shane's aunt says he wanted to have a career in sports medicine and that's what he went to I.U. to study. Police say some people have come forward to help with the investigation.

WLWT Channel 12, Arrest In Murder of Indiana Teen
Myspace, Dwayne "Pooh Bear 24" Gulleman