Monday, January 24, 2011

"This senseless violence must end."

Two Killed In Gunfire Two Teens Arrested
By: John Brown's Bones
Uriah WareOver the weekend James Christopher, 28, was shot to death in West Price Hill and Uriah Ware Jr., 17 of Woodlawn, was also killed on Saturday night. Ware died after 20 to 30 shots were fired in the parking lot of a former National Guard armory in North Avondale on Reading Road. The second shooting happened within sight of the District 4 police headquarters.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory issued a statement Sunday that read: "Two young men losing their lives to gun violence in one night is absurd. Uriah Ware was hit by a stray bullet at a birthday party. Parents should not have to worry about their child’s safety at a birthday party. James Christopher was shot on the street in West Price Hill. My heart is with the family and friends of Uriah Ware and James Christopher. We need peace in this community. This senseless violence must end."

According to Cincinnati Police, a stray bullet hit Ware in the face. He died at the scene of the shooting.

WCPO 9 News spoke to the victim's uncle, Kadesh Ware, who said he was overwhelmed when he found out his nephew had been shot.

His uncle states that Uriah was: "a fun loving person who typically didn't hang in the wrong crowds". He said his nephew just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
James Christopher
Rufus HummonsRufus Hummons, 18, has been arrested for murdering Uriah Ware. He is charged with Violating Probation, Intimidating a Witness and Murder.

Cincinnati Police have charged two suspects with the murder of Uriah Ware in North Avondale Wednesday: 18-year-old Rufus Hummons and Deon Smiley, a 17-year-old male. The two have a $1 million dollar bond due to senseless nature of the murder.

The victim's father, Uriah Ware, Sr., said all three young men grew up together and it's a step toward receiving justice, but it still won't bring back his only son.

"Yes, they called me today and said they arrested two suspects," Ware, Sr. said. "I was just thrilled about it."

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