Thursday, February 17, 2011

Couple Charged With Murdering Woman

I-90 Body Dumped By Ex-Cons Was 'A Friend'
Re-printed from a story at WOIO Channel 19 on February 17th 2011
Stephon DavisLatesha Santos
Stephon Davis and Latesha Santos are accused of killing Angel Bradley-Crockett then dumping her naked corpse on I-90.

CLEVELAND - The couple accused of robbing and killing Angel Bradley-Crockett, Stephon Davis, 30, and Latesha Santos, 33, both entered not guilty pleas and denied a bond due to the serious nature of their crimes and charged with a long list of crimes related to the murder and robbery of their 'friend' Angela Bradely-Crockett including aggravated murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, felonious assault, tampering with evidence, theft and gross abuse of Bradely-Crockett's corpse in her April 5th 2010 beating and strangulation.

Prosecutors say Bradley-Crockett was killed for her clothes and jewelry, after she was involved in a minor accident with the van Davis was driving the evening of April 4th. Bradley-Crockett's blood was found in the van, the Cuyahoga County coroner said.

Her nude body was left along Interstate 90 under West 44th Street.

Both murder defendants have an extremely violent and disturbing criminal backgrounds. Stephon Davis was first arrested for Rape at the age of 12 when he and three other boys sexually assaulted a 13-year-old Cleveland girl in 1992. In October of 1993, Davis was sent to youth prison until he was 21 for murdering his aunt's boyfriend, Antonio Bush, at the age of 14 with his aunt's involvement in the actual murder and the fire set bodily afterward to the corpse in order to destroy evidence of the crime.

After Davis' release from youth prison he was arrested and was sent to prison for four years for dealing cocaine.

Latesha Santos worked as a stripper and prostitute in Brockton, Massachusetts before and after moving to Cleveland and has 5 children none of which she has custody of. It is unclear who has custody of them today but at least one, a child she had with Davis, is in the custody of Cuyahoga County Department of Children.

On the night in question the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors state that Angel Bradley-Crockett parked her car near Santo’s residence on East 66th Street and Charter Avenue in Cleveland. The victim was lured into the van where she was beat and strangled. Davis and Santos took the victim’s clothes and personal items and disposed of her body on I-90 West near West 41st Street in Cleveland.

The victim was found on April 5th 2010. DNA from blood found in the van borrowed by Davis matched the victim's.

Davis and Santos both face the death penalty but are expected to enter into a plea bargain with the state in exchange for a guilty plea and life in prison.

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