Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohio Neighborhood Seeks To Close Nuisance Club

Man Killed At Troubled Northside Bar, Neighborhood Demands Closure
Re-printed from a story at WCPO Channel 9 on February 28th 2011
Club 360 in Northside
Club 360, formerly Bullfish's, the scene of the city's 9th murder in 2011 adding to Northside's collective frustration with violent crime.

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati police are investigating after a man is found shot to death inside a Northside club.

Officers responded to Club 360 located in the 4000 block of Hamilton Avenue around 1 a.m.. The club has only been open a little over one year but police have already made several arrests in and outside of the bar in that time.

"We made it here to Club 360 and there was one victim inside. A male black, approximately 21 years of age and he succumbed to his injuries," said Sgt. Ken Woellert of Cincinnati Police.

Investigators said the victim has been identified as 21-year-old Christopher Gentry. Gentry has no serious criminal record at all w/nothing but traffic tickets and one Alcohol Possession charge.

Police said the shooting that claimed his life followed a fight between two groups of people. Crime scene investigators collected multiple shell casings in front of the club and across the street at a parking lot. Officers said it's fortunate no one else was injured.

"None of the hospitals called or anything so we haven't had any other victims show up anywhere else but anytime you have a bar full of people and stuff like this happens you usually and have a lot more victims than we have," said Woellert.

Bradly Pugh owns The Bronz, a gay owned establishment and night club a few doors down from Club 360 on Hamilton Avenue.

He said the homicide is just one of many ongoing problems with the bar. He's now seeking to have it closed.

"I am going to start a petition to have it shut down. I'm going to go around to every business and if I have to go to the city manager I will do what I can to have it shut down," said Bradly Pugh, Club Bronz Owner.

Northside has a long standing tradition of fighting back against violent crime through strong community leadership against thugs and drug dealers. In recent times, the citizens, working with the police and local law makers, have locked up nearly 100 members of the crack dealing network called the "Northside Taliband". Some of the members of this gang received sentences as long as 35 years.

This incident is the ninth homicide this year in the city. That’s four more than a year ago at this time.

The listed phone number to the club wasn’t working. Hamilton County property records show the property is owned by Elene Psaros of Villa Hills, Ky. Psaros couldn’t be reached.

Anyone with information about the shooting is encouraged to call Cincinnati Police at 513-352-3541 or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

Cincinnati, Man Killed At Troubled Northside Bar, Neighborhood Demands Closure