Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"A person is a snitch only to criminals."

'Meatball-Sub' Murderer's Dad Gets 30 Years To Life For Killing Witness
Re-printed from a story at WCPO Channel 9 on February 16th 2011

Ruben Jordan is sentenced to 30 years to Life in prison for killing a witness to the Meatball Sub murder.

CINCINNATI - A Cincinnati man will spend at least 30 years in prison for killing a witness to a murder his son committed.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Nadine Allen sentenced Ruben Jordan, 38, Tuesday morning for the murder of Victor Davis almost two years ago in Over-the-Rhine. Prosecutors say Jordan shot Davis to keep him from testifying against his son.

Jordan's son, Kareem Gilbert, who is already in prison, is now at risk for seeing his 18-year sentence extended. Kareem had a written deal in place with Hamilton County Prosecutors that led to his father's indictment for murder but backed down after his father was charged.

Davis, the second murder victim of the Gilberts, was shot to death on Halloween of 2008, about two weeks after he witnessed the original murder of Brian Austin.

Prosecutors say Gilbert, 18, killed Austin after Austin hit him with a meatball sandwich.

Jordan told Judge Allen Tuesday and the court that he was not the shooter and the wrong person was arrested.

Davis' relatives wanted a long sentence for Jordan. Jasmine Walton, a cousin of Davis, told the court before sentencing, "he should get everything he deserves."

Judge Nadine then asked, "Is that all you want to say, ma'am?"

Walton replied, "Yes, ma'am."

"A person is a snitch only to the criminals to the rest of the community. I consider Mr. Davis to be a hero. I know the majority of people agree with that. I only wish I had the opportunity to know him," Judge Allen said during sentencing.

Gilbert decided not to testify against his father after agreeing to as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. There is no word from prosecutors on whether they will charge Gilbert with perjury file new charges since he was allegedly with his father when Davis was shot and killed.

Jordan's lawyers have already alerted prosecutors and the court on notice that they intend to appeal both the conviction as well as the 30 year to life sentence.

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