Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three Arrested In Home Invasion

95 Year-Old Woman Victimized By Three Men
Re-printed from a story at WISH-TV on February 9th 2011

A suspect in an Indy home invasion robbery is ID'ed in a street line-up.

INDIANAPOLIS - Robbers broke down the front door of a Kingsley Drive home Wednesday morning and held the homeowners captive but, they didn't get away with anything.

A neighbor told police she saw the men breaking down the door, that's when she grabbed her phone to call 911. Little did she know, police were there within minutes because the SWAT team was working nearby.

Within minutes, police surrounded the home on Kingsley Drive where they discovered the robbers hiding in the basement.

Investigators say a 95-year-old woman and her adult children live in the home. No one was hurt in the incident.

The three suspects surrendered one by one. Police have identified the suspects as brothers, 19-year-old James Herring and 24-year-old Samuel Herring from Indianapolis were arrested, along with a 16-year old from Fishers. All three are facing charges of robbery and residential burglary.

Police say the only weapon found at the scene was not a firearm but a child's toy gun - a black BB gun.

WISH-TV Channel 8, Watchful Neighbor Thwarts Robbery