Friday, March 4, 2011

Child Rapist Arrested In The Cities

Charges: Man abused cousins after their mother's death
Re-printed from a story at KARE Channel 11 on March 4th 2011

Valenzeo Delrentus Brent
Valenzeo Delrentus Brent, Minneapolis, was charged with 10 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct.

MINNEAPOLIS -- A 29-year-old man from Minneapolis is accused of sexually abusing two of his cousins after their mother's death in 2003, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court.

Valenzeo Delrentus Brent was charged with 10 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct. Police arrested him Wednesday night and is being held in Hennepin County Jail on a $500,000 bail.

The complaint states Minneapolis Police and Hennepin County Child Protection received report that two children, a sister and brother, had been sexually abused by their maternal cousin for several years.

The female victim kept the sexual assaults hidden until she was so distraught by them over the years that she was having trouble staying in school, the complaint states.

The siblings told authorities they moved to Minneapolis with Brent's mother after their mother died in 2003. Brent lived with the two siblings in a home on the 3500 block of Dupont Ave. in Minneapolis.

The female victim told authorities the abuse happened almost daily from 2003 until Brent left the home in 2008. She also reported that she witnessed her brother getting sexually assaulted. The male victim told police Brent would take off his clothes, touch him inappropriately and give him candy if he complied.

KARE Channel 11, Man Abused Cousins After Their Mother's Death