Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“... there was kids in the house; he came up with a gun."

Bullets Tear Through Apartment, 3-Year-Old Murdered
Re-printed from a story at WHAS Channel 11 on May 17th 2011

A three year old baby boy was shot and killed in a Louisville apartment complex.

LOUISVILLE, KY. - A 3-year-old baby boy is dead and now we know what started the fight that lead to gunfire near downtown Louisville Friday night.

The little boy was killed when someone fired shots into an apartment where he was staying. The child was surrounded by five other small children when bullets came racing through the windows.

Davion Powell was shot in the head in the hallway of an apartment in the 550 Complex on 8th Street. The 550 is public housing and part of Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

“It just hurt and I wish it was me every day. I wish it was me,” said Rodericka Bryant, Powell’s mother. She says she and her family have been at odds with other young men and women in the community. She says the dispute started when her sister got into a fight with another girl several months ago. Bryant says on Friday a man walked up to them while they were sitting outside.

Davion Powell
Davion Powell was one of six small children in the family apartment when shots were fired into the structure.

“I told him there was kids in the house; he came up with a gun. I said ‘there’s kids in the house if you gonna shoot, shoot me.’”

The suspect fired several shots. Powell was the only one shot. There were 5 other children inside. Powell died Monday afternoon at Kosair Children’s Hospital from his injuries.

“I feel like it's ignorant and retaliation is not what I want. Retaliation will only lead to more sorrow and pain and I would hate for a mother to go through losing their child,” said Bryant.

Davion Powell
The densely populated Public Housing at the 550 Apartment complex in Louisville.

Bryant says this feud has been going on since the winter. She says recently people broke out her car windows and damaged the vehicle. She says the feud is over as far as she’s concerned.

“Yeah, it’s done I mean a baby is dead. It would be foolish to keep going on with it because there are more lives.”

Police have not made an arrest in this case but have a person of interest.

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