Friday, May 13, 2011

The Cold Heart Of New Connecticut

Blank Faced Murderer Receives 38-To-Life For Executing An Unarmed Teen
By: John Brown's Bones

Marconail YatesCLEVELAND, OH. - Marconail Yates' long series of mugshots he has quickly accumulated show a man who appears barely coherent. His eyes swim in his head like sluggish jellyfish due to a combination of drug abuse and a concentrated effort at denial.

His expression is blank as a old tombstone. He is only 19 years old. This makes Yates 2 years older than the unarmed victim of his murderous, drug-fueled rage, Brandon Young - a college bound high school student whom Yates shot in the back as Young tried to escape the gunfire.

In these mug shots, Yates faces the police camera with just enough awareness to know the is facing the overwhelming consequences of a crack-fueled decision to shoot and kill an unarmed teenager as the teen walked down a city street.

In sharp contrast, Yates prison mugshot from late April of 2011 shows what could be a completely different person. In this photo, Yates, many months removed from the streets, is bright-eyed and attentive. He faces the camera with a clear certainty of what will happen next.

What will happen next is: Yates will serve 38 years in prison for the murder of Brandon Young, a good kid from a bad neighborhood in Cleveland in 2009. The 19-year-old Young was shot down like a dog by a rabid, crack-dealing psychopath whose only future involved a lifetime behind bars.

The only question in Yates destiny was when and where.

The answer to this question came on April 28th 2011 in a Cuyahoga County court room where Marconail Yates was convicted of Murder, and series of related violent felonies, and sentenced to 38 years to Life in Prison making him eligible for parole in 2047.

Yates conviction was largely due to the testimony of his accomplice in the Murder Layton White who received two years incarceration in exchange for his testimony.

#A601672 Marconail Yates#A601824 Layton White
A much more sober Marconail Yates and Layton White. Photos courtesy of the Ohio Dept. of Corrections, April of 2011.

The parents of Brandon Young, among many others in Cleveland, are understandably outraged that Yates and his accomplice were not sentenced to Death for murdering an unarmed teen.

To them, I express my sincere condolences. The senseless loss and tragedy that they endure will never ease, never stop - never be gone. However, 38 years minimum in the State Pen is a Death sentence.

Diona and Darral Perry the mother and stepfather of Brandon Young.
Diona and Darral Perry, the mother and stepfather of Brandon Young, talk about their son at a news conference.

The amount of violence in American prisons is incredibly hard to believe. Any given week, there are dozens of murders in prison including those within the Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation such as the case of Clarence Carter who murdered another prisoner in 1988, in Cincinnati, over a minor argument involving a TV program. Carter was executed in April of 2011 for that crime.

This is the standard of behavior in prison. A world of harsh brutality, no privileges or privacy, constant threat of serious injury, unrelenting stress and no friends or family. This is only world that Yates, and men like him, will know for decades. But unlike Yates, Young will never know what it is to feel hope or pain or joy again. He is yet another independent-minded young man who fell victim to a small group of mindless murderers due solely to his strength of character in choosing not to join a local crack gang.

While Yates spends his life in a vacuum of violence, treachery and misery - Brandon Young will not feel anything at all, gone to his grave far too early at the hands of rabid animals that attempt to walk like men.

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