Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Why neither of them were in school, I really don't know."

13-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Shooting 11-Year-Old Brother In The Stomach
Re-printed from a story at WXIN Fox 59 on May 4th 2011

13-Year-Old Boy Was Arrested For Shooting 11-Year-Old Brother In The Stomach
Outside the North East side apartment complex where 11-year-old Deandre Hunt was shot in the stomach by his brother.

According to police, a child was shot on the east side of Indianapolis near 43rd and Post Road Friday morning. Police say the 11-year-old boy was shot by his 13-year-old brother and at last check was in good condition at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

"My grandson is shot."

The grandparents of 11-year-old Deandre Hunt say they've had others family members shot before but this one is different. One brother shot the other they say, by accident.

"He is in surgery right now, so we don't know but as he was going up he was okay," said grandmother Yvette Davis.

Davis said Deandre himself told them and investigators he was shot by his brother as the 13-year-old was trying to take bullets out of the handgun. The gun, Davis said, was found under the sofa inside his mother's Heart's Landing apartment.

"That's why we called the juvenile detectives, in so that they could look at the situation and the circumstances surrounding why these kids were home, number one, on a school day, and number two why they were not with anyone," said IMPD Sgt. Linda Jackson.

Investigators will also be asking who owns the gun. Others in the apartment complex want to know more about that and also why the 31-year-old mother didn't know what her children were doing when the single shot was fired around 11:30 AM Friday morning.

"The kids need to be taken care of and stay out of the line of danger. You never know what is going on, you never know what they are going to do or what they are looking for or what they see," said one neighbor.

"Why neither one of them weren't in school, I really don't know. That is a question I can't answer right now," said Davis.

The investigating detective will present the case to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office early next week for review on possible charges.

WXIN Fox 59, 13-Year-Old Shoots 11-Year-Old Brother
WXIN Fox 59, 13-Year-Old Arrested In Shooting
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