Friday, June 3, 2011

Man With 77 Convictions Charged With Rape

Robbery And Rape Occurred In OTR In Broad Daylight
Re-printed from a story at WLWT Channel 5 on June 2nd 2011
Alleged rapist Donald Cowins stands before a Cincinnati judge on his 78th criminal arraignment.
Cowins stands before a Cincinnati judge on his 78th criminal arraignment - this time for Rape and Robbery.

The gaunt and rail thin man is 31-year-old Donald Cowins and he is, by definition, a career criminal. He stands before a Cincinnati judge on his 78th criminal arraignment. Although he should appear serious, Cowins' face twists and contorts strangely - as if he has no control of it. Specks of white and gray protrude curiously in his hair and beard although he is only 31 - both of these are the telltale signs of prolonged crack cocaine abuse.

Cowins has plenty of reason to be uncontrollably nervous and prematurely aged. Since 1998, he has been arrested and convicted a total of 77 times. That's is an average of 6 arrests a year or the equivalent of being arrest and convicted every other month for the past 13 years.

These arrests are not just petty charges for Making Offensive Gestures, Curfew Violation or Jaywalking, although Cowins has been convicted of these charges as well - his record includes Possession of Stolen Property (a charge usually plea bargained down from Robbery or Theft), Trafficking Drugs in 2007, Trafficking Drugs in 2005 and an astounding 20 plus Cocaine related charges for which Cowins received minimum sentences of a few months of jail time for each of the 20 plus times he was convicted for buying, using or selling Cocaine.

Today, Donald Cowins is charged with Rape and Robbery for attacking two people in the the Over-The-Rhine district of Cincinnati. Police said Donald Cowins held up the couple in the 2000 block of Elm Street at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. He had a gun at the time.

Police said Cowins then forced the female victim to engage in sex against her will.

Cowins was arrested five hours after the incident occurred.

Cowins was charged with two counts of Rape and two counts of Aggravated Robbery. He was given $12,000 bond during his arraignment June 2nd and was led down to another court room where he pled Guilty to, of all things: Possession Of Cocaine where he was sentenced to 1 day in jail.

Cowins faces Life in prison for the Rape and Aggravated Robbery charges.

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