Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black Expo Shooter Gets 8 Out Of 100 Years

Maniac Receives 8 Years For Shooting Random Women And Children At Black Expo
Article by John Brown's Bones

Original video of this story reflects the blood-thirsty nature of this crime. Yet the suspect received 10 years.

In an act that stupefied panicked on-lookers and participants in downtown Indianapolis during the 2010 Indiana Black Expo a scowling young man, Shamus Patton 17, pulled an automatic pistol and began indiscriminately firing on random women and children. These were people Patton believed to be in a rival gang of crack dealers.

During the rampage, 9 innocent people were seriously injured - including a 10-year-old. Nearly all of these victims were black Hoosiers who were participating in the annual event that educates, entertains and recognizes the heritage and potential of black people in Midwestern American culture.

Today, the same man, now 18 years-old, that fired upon a crowd of innocent people received 8 years of the 100+ years in prison that he was original facing. When he is scheduled to be released, in 2019, he will be on probation for an additional 2 years.

The only thing more insane and unjust than the crime is this unjust sentence. 9 people were shot by a maniac that meant to kill them. This is truly an injustice for the victims and all of the people of Indianapolis.

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