Friday, August 5, 2011

One Arrested, Three Sought In Crack Related Murder

Springfield Township Man Shot Dead At His Door
Re-printed from a story at WCPO Channel 9 on August 5thth 2011

Relatives are overwhelmed that a man with no criminal record was killed during a crack deal.

CINCINNATI - Police say a suspect has been arrested for the murder of Darryl Calhoun III who was shot and killed when he answered his front door Wednesday afternoon at his Springfield residence.

Eighteen-year-old Marcus Jackson is charged with aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, tampering with evidence and having weapons under disability.

Calhoun, 31, was shot seven to eight times at his home on the 1900 block of Lotushill Drive around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Murder Suspect 18-year-old Marcus JacksonInvestigators say Calhoun was inside the home with his fiancée and three young daughters when he heard a knock on the back door. When he answered the door, three men opened fire then fled the scene, according to police.

Police say the relationship between Calhoun and the suspects was drug related. This professionally vague statement leaves the public at large wondering if Calhoun, who has no criminal record in Cincinnati or the Hamilton-Mason area, was purchasing crack or selling it.

Springfield authorities are still looking for three more Murder suspects, who each live within a few blocks of each other, in the badly run-down Lincoln Heights neighborhood:

Brandon Gowdy - Described as an African-American male, 18, with a last known address of the 1400 block of Chicago Avenue in Lincoln Heights.

Cornell Wilson Lipscomb Jr. - Described as an African-American male, 18, with a last known address of the 1100 block of Van Buren Street in Lincoln Heights.

Damion Jordan Smith - Described as an African-American male, 20, with a last known address of 900 block of Medosh Avenue in Lincoln Heights.

Above, the Lincoln Heights neighborhood was founded as an all-black neighborhood but has deteriorated into a high-crime area w/low income housing.

Police ask that anyone with information regarding this murder call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040 or the Springfield Township Police Department at 513-729-1300.

Stay with 9 News and for updates on this shooting as more information becomes available.

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