Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Women Mugged In Broad Ripple

Attacker Description: "Thin And Black" Leaves IMPD With Little To Go On
Re-printed from a story at WTHR Channel 13 on November 9th 2011
Vogue Broad Ripple Indianapolis
Broad Ripple is a music, art and night club district in Indianapolis.

Women walking alone are being targeted and attacked in the popular night club area of Broad Ripple. The attacks happened this week at 63rd and College Avenue and also at the 6100 block of Guilford. One of the victims was mugged right outside of the Vogue, a historic rock venue in Indy, on busy College Avenue.

"I just screamed and the guy reached for my purse," said Cristina.

She survived the attacked by a man, described as young black man with a thin build, who surprised her Tuesday night. Cristina had just left The Vogue in Broad Ripple to walk to her car alone.

"It seems he came out of nowhere. I didn't see him standing behind another car. I didn't see him at all," she said.

Metro Police officers are investigating two separate attacks on women in about three days in Broad Ripple.

A man surprised a 22-year-old woman at her car Monday night at 63rd and College Avenue. After he grabbed her purse, a passerby came to her rescue.

Broad Ripple is a music, art and night club district in Indianapolis.

"She was visibly shaken up and we immediately pulled over and we started calling 911 when she said she had been held up," said Jessica, a witness.

"He said she tried to put her down in the back seat of her car and drive her to an ATM but she did not have her debit card with her," the caller told 911.

After getting help at the Jimmy Johns, Jessica asked the officer who responded to her 911 call about how to stay safe herself.

"Staying in groups when you are out and obviously trying to stay as close to the strip as possible," she said.

"Be aware of your surroundings as you walk to your vehicle. Look around and make sure there is nobody lurking. Park in well lit areas," said Officer Kendale Adams, IMPD.

Although both suspects have similar descriptions - black males with a thin build - both victims hope someone can help lead police to their attackers.

"There are young vulnerable women out and about and they prey on that," said Cristina.

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