Tuesday, December 6, 2011

13-Year-Old Gang Raped By Four Texas Men

After Gang Raping Child Victim Was Forced To Sign "Consent" Agreement
Re-printed from a story at KTBC Fox 8 on December 10th 2010

Four Texas gang members, including Vance Harris and Bernard Small, are arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl.

Only one in 10 children who are sexually assaulted actually report the crime to authorities. Police say one brave Austin 13-year-old girl helped overcome these odds and all pressure and guilt in order to bring her rapists to justice.

The Austin Police Department says, after being repeatedly raped, a 19-year-old girl identified as Rebecca Ward then forced the victim to sign a consent contract after 4 men gang kidnapped and then raped her.

A wrong number connected the 13-year-old girl with 21-year-olds Vance Harris and Bernard Small. Both of the men convinced the girl this past May to meet up.

"They talked her into allowing them to come get her from their house," said Det. Greg White with APD Child Abuse Unit. "As soon as she got into the truck, they started sexually assaulting her."

Police say the girl had no way out and was driven to a home in Southeast Austin off Palo Blanco Lane where she was pushed into a bedroom and sexually assaulted again by two other men.

"Vanse Harris then told the victim that she had to have sex with Ray Harper because they were blood gang members, and that's what gang members do. The victim felt that she had no choice but to comply," said Det. White.

Police say three of the suspects were documented gang members.

The victim's screams could be heard through a window by 19-year-old Rebecka Ward, who went inside and saw the girl crying and wearing only a shirt. That's when Ward told the girl she needed to sign a consent contract. After signing that paper, the girl was driven to Brodie Lane and Wyldwood Drive where deputies found her and returned her to her parents.

"It did take a lot of courage on her part. She was scared. We actually had to interview her twice. It wasn't until she received some counseling that she decided to cooperate with us," said Det. White.

KTBC Fox 7, 13-Year-Old Girl Helps Turn in Suspected Rapists