Thursday, December 8, 2011

Des Moines Police Arrest Black Friday Shooting Suspect

24 Year-Old Man Arrested For Firing On Car Full Of Women
Re-printed from a story at WHO-TV on December 8th 2011
Marshaun Merrett
A Des Moines man is charged with shooting at a car full of unarmed women with intent to kill.

Des Moines police have arrested a man suspected of opening fire on a car full of women last month. It happened on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Police say the shots hit the car half a dozen times.

"This is certainly a dangerous person we need to get off the street," says Sgt. Chris Scott.

24 year-old Marshaun Merrett is charged with attempted murder, intimidation with a weapon, criminal gang participation and driving while barred. Police say he fired at a car at MLK and University. All but one of the six rounds hit the passenger`s side of the car.

"These ladies are very fortunate and lucky that they didn't get struck by a bullet," says Scott.

Authorities are also looking at Merrett`s involvement in another shooting of the same car full of people that night.

"There was some gun shots at Valley West Mall and there was just a commotion," says shopper Lynnette Yossi. She was at the mall that night, but didn't hear the gun shots.

The victims told police the shots were fired in the mall parking lot and they knew the shooter. Apparently, the group had an ongoing dispute with Merrett. The people in the car that were shot at that night declined to comment about what happened. They say they fear it could put them and their families at risk.

Merrett is being held at the Polk County Jail on $42,000 bond.

UPDATE 06/20/2012
On July 20th 2012, Marshaun Merrett appeared in Polk County District Court in criminal number FE 251932. Merrett was found guilty by jury in June of the crimes of Assault With Intent to Inflict Serious Injury; two counts of Assault; Driving While Barred and Intimidation With a Dangerous Weapon With Intent.

Merrett what sentenced to a total of 12 years and 60 days in prison. Merrett was prosecuted by the Polk County Attorney’s Office Drug and Gang Bureau.

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