Thursday, December 8, 2011

Judge Calls Teen Murderer "Totally Unjustified"

First Of Four Teens Who Murdered Pizza Delivery Man Sentenced To 100 Years
Re-printed from a story at KETV 7 on December 8th 2011
17-year-old Bryant Gibbs receives 100 years for setting up and killing a total stranger
17-year-old Bryant Gibbs receives 100 years for setting up and killing a total stranger with his four friends.

OMAHA, Nebraska - An Omaha teenager accused of killing a pizza deliveryman has been sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Judge Mark Ashford handed down that sentence for Bryton Gibbs, 17, on Thursday.

Gibbs was 16 when, police said, he and three others lured Pizza Hut driver Christopher Taylor, 33, to a vacant apartment and stabbed him to death for less than $50 in September 2010.

Originally charged with first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy and use of a weapon to commit a felony, Gibbs pleaded guilty to a lesser murder charge in September 2011.

At the sentencing, Ashford called Taylor's murder "almost a form of excitement or sport" and "totally unjustified." He said there was no reason whatsoever to have harmed Taylor as he was just doing his job.

Ashford told Gibbs the earliest he could be released from prison is in 50 years, when Gibbs will be 67 years old.

Bryant Davis, Dontavis McClain, Larry Fountain and Marcus Robinson
Four teens murdered a Pizza Hut driver in an abandoned apartment building for less than $50 bucks.

The others accused in the case are Dontavis McClain, 20; Larry Fountain, 20; and Marcus Robinson, 17. Both Fountain and Robinson agreed to plea deals in exchange for their testimony against McClain. McClain's trial is set for January 4th 2012.

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