Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suspected "Cookie Bandits" Arrested In Colorado

Two Brothers Are Suspected Of Five Robberies
Re-printed from a story at KCNC Channel 4 on December 10th 2011

Suspects w/serious criminal backgrounds deny all charges on camera but refuse to show their faces after granting a TV interview.

Clear surveillance pictures show two men wanted in a string of violent crimes in Denver and Lakewood. Police dubbed them the “Crummy Cookie Bandits.”

The Denver Police Department arrested two men suspected of several robberies in the metro area who'd been dubbed the "Crummy Cookie Bandits." Nineteen-year-old Rodney Mitchell and 33-year-old Dartanian Mitchell were taken into custody at the Blockbuster video parking lot on Colfax Avenue on December 6th.

One of the men in custody for the crimes says police have the wrong man. He says he’s not the man in the video.

One of the videos is from a Subway restaurant that was robbed. Police say before the men robbed the place, they ordered some cookies.

Police say the men robbed five places in less than two weeks including two Subway restaurants, a 7-Eleven, a Little Caesars and the Blockbuster. The Subway near Colorado and Colfax was hit when Patricia Agbissit was the only one working.

“I didn’t know if I would live through that,” Agbissit said.

On Tuesday police arrested the men. They identified the men as Dartanian Mitchell and his younger brother Rodney.

“I’ve never robbed anything in my life,” Dartanian Mitchell said.

In jail and not showing his face, Dartanian Mitchell, who at the time of his arrest had warrants for Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief, and Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, says he and his brother are innocent.

One crime he and his brother are accused of is holding up a 7-Eleven in Lakewood and shooting the clerk in the face with a BB gun.

“That’s just pathetic. I don’t do stuff like that,” Dartanian Mitchell said.

He insists the men in the pictures taken 2 weeks ago aren’t him or his brother.

“I have a full beard, mustache, I think that I’m older,” he said. “I got hair, a lot more hair than that guy got.”

Dartanian admits he does have a criminal past and warrants for his arrest out of Grand Junction, but insists he and his brother are innocent.

“I guess it will just have to play out in court.”

Dartanian Mitchell’s past includes charges of Theft, Burglary and Assault. He’s also accused of escaping from authorities last month in Kansas when he ripped off a in-home monitoring device and fled. They were trying to bring him back to Grand Junction to face charges.

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