Monday, December 5, 2011

"This is crazy. What's the purpose of this?"

Man Sentenced To 149 Years For Running Down Four People, Killing Woman
Re-printed from a story at WISH-TV Channel 8 on December 5th 2011
Stephen Rush Indiana
Stephen Rush will spend the next 149 years in prison for running over and killing a stranger in August of 2010.

Stephen Rush will spend the next 149 years in Indiana State Prison for running over a stranger and hitting three others with his vehicle in a bar parking lot in August of 2010. Rush has been convicted of Murder after he ran a woman over in a bar parking lot in Anderson, Indiana and will now have to pay thousands of dollars to area hospitals in connection with the case as he spends the next 149 years in Indiana State Prison.

Stephen Duane Rush - who was sentenced in October to 149 years in prison after his conviction on Murder, Attempted Murder and leaving the scene of an accident – was ordered to pay $36,000 restitution to Indiana University Health and $7,000 restitution to St. John’s Health System. The defense did not object to the ordered restitution.

According to court records, Rush and his then-girlfriend got into an argument the night of August 21st 2010, outside the Oasis Bar on Arrow Avenue in Anderson. After the argument, Rush struck Dytika D. Wilderson, 28, Anderson, who died at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Wilderson had been involved in the argument, according to court documents. Also struck were Marquai Boards, 32, Dennis Boards Jr., 29, and Timothy Hammerlund, 32. All three of them survived.

I'm going there's an incident out here, but what in the heck is going on, I couldn't see nothing.. there wasn't a whole lot of people making a lot of noise," said Amos Cooley, owner of Oasis Bar & Restaurant.

Cooley, a retired Anderson Firefighter, has been running Oasis Bar & Restaurant for only 70 days. He walked outside and witnessed the chaos.

"I was standing right here and that's what I seen what exactly took place," Cooley said.

Cooley showed 24-Hour News 8's Daniel Miller exactly where the victims were hit.

"There was one right there, one here and one there," he said.

Cooley said he tried to help one of the victims,

"I knew she was in trouble... looked like her skull was partially crushed," Cooley explained.

Cooley said it was unreal seeing the other victims lying helpless in the street.

"I said 'This is crazy. What's the purpose of this?' It didn't make sense. There was no sense to it. There was no rhyme or reason for this guy to leave this area, come back and hit those people in the street. That's made no sense to me at all," Cooley said.

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