Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Teenagers Charged With Murdering Man And Girl

Police: Avondale Man Murdered By Mistake And Girl Killed To Cover It Up
Re-printed from a story at WKRC Local 12 on November 30th 2011

Three teenagers in Cincinnati are charged as adults for two counts of Murder.

Three teenage boys are accused in two murders and will be tried as adults for the crimes. Brendon Washington and Tyshawn Barker are "bound over" to be tried as adults and no longer considered juveniles in the eyes of the law. They will have to post a half a million dollars each to get out the Hamilton County Justice Center on bail for two counts of murder.

Tyshawn Baker CincinnatiDequantez Nixson CincinnatiBrendan Washington Cincinnati
Tyshawn Baker, Dequantez Nixson and Brendan Washington are charged as adults for murdering a man by mistake and killing a girl to cover it up.

Cincinnati Police say Barker and another teen boy, 17-year-old DeQuantez Nixson, along with a 17-year-old girl named Carrielle Conn, hatched a plot back in October of 2011 to kill the boyfriend of Nixson's mother. But the group ended up killing Rudell Englemon by accident on October 14th, after Englemon answered the door of their target's apartment at the 700 block of Greenwood Avenue in Avondale.

Police say Nixson, Barker, and a third teen boy, 16-year-old Brendon Washington, then decided to kill their conspirator, Carrielle Conn, to prevent her from talking about the crime. Carrielle Conn's dead body was found on October 16th 2011 near the railroad tracks in the 900 block of Cleveland Avenue two days after the murder of Rudell Englemon.

The three teens Murder and Conspiracy cases are to be tried in court in February of 2013.

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