Friday, February 10, 2012

Arrest Made In Mark Hooten's Murder

Ex-Con, Currently Incarcerated, Indicted For Murder Of Local Teen
Re-printed from a story at WKRC Channel 12 on February 9th 2012

After nearly 3 years, an indictment for the murder of a good kid - 15-years-old - is announced in Cincinnati.

Two and a half years after a 15-year old's murder, a mother gets some hope for justice. A Hamilton County Grand Jury indicted 22-year-old Racheon Brown for the murder of Mark Hooten. Local 12's Angela Ingram's spoke with Hooten's family about the news at a memorial vigil for him in South Cumminsville on Thursday.

Family and friends let balloons fly to show their joy. But, in an instant a smile fades and tears flood Yvette Hooten's eyes when she thinks about her son."They're tears of joy, but they're still not going to bring my baby back. I'd love for him to come home, go to school. My life is just, lonely without him. I'm lonely."

A friend of Hooten's tells Local 12, "It hurts my heart really because the type of person he was. It's not like he was in the streets or anything like that, so he didn't deserve it."

Child murder suspect and 22-year-old career criminal Racheon BrownPolice say Racheon Brown shot and killed Mark in July 2009. His mother had just dropped him off so he could go to a job training program at a community center.

"You know you don't run into many youth like Mark." Marilyn Evans knew Mark since he was about 4 years old and watched him grow-up and attend programs. His death is devastating for Evans, who knew Mark was making good choices. She says it's also a loss for the entire community. "He was a leader here in the community. He mentored a lot of the youth about a dozen of them."

Even to a stranger, Yvette's pain is obvious. And, though Mark didn't live a long life - people who knew him say Yvette raised a good young man. "Mark will leave a place in our heart that will not heal for a long, long time."

Racheon Brown is already behind bars for charges of Attempted Felonious Assault and a gun crime. He's serving a five-year sentence at the Lebanon Correctional Institution.

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