Monday, February 20, 2012

"Lock your door. People who don't are kind of ignorant."

Ohio Mr. Football Ohio 2010 Jumps Bail On Burglary Charges
Re-printed from a story at WLWT Channel 5 on February 20th 2012
Former star athlete in Ohio Akise Teague A college football player was arrested February 1st 2012 after University of Cincinnati police said he burglarized multiple dorm rooms on campus. Today he failed to appear before a judge to answer for the crimes.

Akise Teague, a running back on the UC football team, was arrested by campus police after they said he admitted to committing at least burglary that happened in January of 2012.

According to his verbal and written confession, Teague entered a room in Daniels Hall and stole items. The stolen property was found at his home, police said.

University police said all the burglarized rooms were unlocked and warned students to make sure to keep doors locked.

"Lock your door. People who don't, that's kind of ignorant, I think," student Sarah Bernard said." Me and my roommate are really good about it, but I know plenty of people who just – they don't care about it, I guess."

"It just makes me lock my dorm room. My door locks automatically, but if you put the effort in, you're gonna stay safe," student Krista Gebele.

Teague was charged with burglary. Bond was set Thursday morning at $5,000. Police said a second suspect arrested in the case is not a student.

The UC athletic department said Teague has been suspended indefinitely.

Teague was Ohio's Mr. Football in 2010, when he ran for 2,226 yards and scored 43 times in his senior year at Ursuline High School in Youngstown.

He played in two games for the Bearcats last season and ran for a touchdown, but was out with an injury much of the year.

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