Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two-Year-Old Tortured By Live-in Boyfriend/Babysitter

Man Holds 2-Year-Old Face Down In Scalding Hot Water
Re-printed from a story at WXIN Channel 59 on Februaryy 14th 2012
Ivan Evans poses with the child his accused of nearly burning to death.
Toddler nearly burned to death by a deranged man in Indianapolis who blamed the attack on his "girlfriend’s attitude".

A 2-year-old boy is at Riley Hospital for Children after his babysitter allegedly held him under scalding water last Friday enough to cause burns.

While Kenita Nix, 23, was looking for a job Friday, she left her boyfriend, 24-year-old Ivan Embry, to watch her three young sons, ranging in ages from 1-month-old to 4-years-old.

Two hours later, Nix received a call from Embry asking her to pick up some cough medicine for her 2-year-old son Jay’Shawn because he was coughing and his skin was peeling.

When she arrived home to her Sagebrush Avenue apartment, she saw Embry standing outside with Jay’Shawn. That is when she saw Jay’Shawn’s burnt face and immediately called 911.

Initially Embry told police that he did not know how Jay’Shawn had received his burns, but then confessed that he had “turned on the bathtub’s lower water faucet to hot water, and he let it run until steam was visible from the water.”

Embry went on to explain that “he sat…on the toilet as he then held the 2-year-old’s head underneath the hot water for approximately two minutes.” He told police he did this because, “he became angry that Jay’ Shawn and the infant were crying.”

Embry said “the crying and the frustration he had been dealing with in regards to his girlfriend’s attitude towards him just built up and he snapped.”

News of the alleged abuse left neighbors shocked. However, neighbor Lula Norris said she knew the couple was having trouble.

“I was like if there was so much stress and stuff you don't need to be around there,” said Norris.

Norris said she offered more than once to help watch the kids if he was feeling too overwhelmed.

"I was like if you want me to watch your kids I'll babysit them because my 2-year-old is here,” said Norris. “I don't mind with the kids you know. There's help. I was right here, in his face.”

Embry is being charged with neglect of a dependent and aggravated assault, both Class B felonies.

Investigators do not anticipate charging the mother with any crime.

Meantime, Jay’Shawn is in stable condition at Riley Hospital for Children.

WXIN Channel 59, Babysitter Holds baby Under Scalding Water