Thursday, June 7, 2012

Toddler In Critical Condition After Vicious Attack

24-Year-Old Man Nearly Beats 20-Month-Old Toddler To Death
Re-printed from a story at KMOV Channel 4 on June 7th 2012
A 24-year-old St. Louis Missouri man is facing multiple charges after police said he critically injured a 20-month-old child who was in his care by beating, punching and kicking the toddler who is now hospitalized in critical condition with extremely serious injuries to the child's internal organs.

On Thursday, June 7th 2012, St. Louis police charged Marcus Kilcrease, 24, with three counts of first-degree assault, three counts of child abuse and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The probable cause document, which lays out the list of horrendous charges against Marcuc Kilcrease is available here courtesy of KMOV and The Saint Louis County Prosecutor's Office.

In the probable cause document, authorities allege that Marcus Kilcrease beat his girlfriend's 20-month-old child in their home in the 1800 block of North 20th Street on Wednesday morning June 6th 2012. The child suffered serious injuries to the liver, ribs and brain and is listed in critical condition at a St. Louis hospital.

The area of St. Louis MO., on 20th Street, where a child was nearly beaten to death by his 24-year-old male babysitter.

Kilcrease originally told authorities the child was injured in a "fall" but after questioning, police determined that wasn't the case due the extreme severity of the child's injuries. Kilcrease is currently in custody, but police officials have not released any information about bond.

UPDATE 11/18/2013
Marcus Kilcrease was sentenced to life in prison for brutally assaulting a 1-year-old girl by punching her and slamming her head to the ground.

The June 6th 2012, attack left the girl in critical condition, with bleeding in her brain, a laceration of the liver and other abdominal injuries.

Kilcrease, of the 1800 block of North 20th Street in St. Louis, pled guilty Friday to three counts each of abuse of a child, first-degree assault and first-degree endangering the welfare of a child. The assault occurred at his home.

Kilcrease also reportedly admitted to squeezing the girl's rib cage several month earlier. In both cases, police said he told officers he was attempting to discipline the child.

St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Rex Burlison ordered the life sentence, which amounts to about 30 years in Missouri.

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