Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hamilton Street Massacre

Seven Slaughtered Including Women And Children In June Of 2006
Re-printed from a story at WTHR Channel 13 on December 24th 2009

The worst mass murder in modern Indianapolis history was committed by two men for drug money.

The Albarran family were a Mexican family that lived and worked in Indianapolis. Like many Hispanic families in America, they made very little money for the jobs that they worked and because of this they were forced to live in a high-crime area that was mostly inhabited by angry racists, violent gangs and drug addicts - all of which hated Hispanics.

Two of these angry bigots selected the Albarran family as a Robbery target.

On the night of June 1st 2009, Desmond Turner and James Stewart, both ex-cons with crack cocaine habits, broke into the family's home located at 560 North Hamilton Avenue just outside of downtown Indianapolis. When they left, 7 people would be dead including the Alberon's young sons, Alberto, 11, who was shot 3 times and David, 8, who was shot 8 times. Their little brother Luis was only 5 when he was shot to death beside them.

The victims of this massacre were Emma Valdez, 46, Alberto Covarrubias, 56, Valdez's husband Flora Albarran, 22, Magno Albarran, 29, Alberto Covarrubias, 11, David Covarrubias, 8, and Luis Albarran, 5.

The former site of 560 North Hamilton where a Mexican family was killed by crack addicts.

A family member who was driving past the house shortly after the murders occurred saw two men leaving the darkened house. Police later identified these suspects as James Stewart and Desmond Turner. Stewart was caught the following day and arrested without incident. Turner, who had finished a four-year stint in prison only six months before, was the subject of a widespread manhunt by local, state and federal authorities. He was captured on June 3, two days after the murders, when he turned himself in without incident.

Prosecutors charged Turner and Stewart with 7 counts of murder, 7 counts of felony murder, 7 counts of criminal confinement, robbery, burglary, carrying a handgun without a license (Stewart), and unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon (Stewart). Prosecutors originally sought the death penalty against Turner, but eventually dropped that request. Both men were convicted of all charges.

Desmond Turner was convicted of 7 counts of felony murder, 7 counts of criminal confinement, burglary, and robbery; he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole plus 88 years on November 20th 2009. James Stewart was convicted of 7 counts of felony murder, 6 counts of criminal confinement, robbery, burglary, carrying a handgun without a license, and found him to be a habitual offender; he was sentenced to 425 years in prison.

The house on 560 North Hamilton Avenue was set on fire two years later in an arson attack on August 23rd 2008. On March 31st 2010, The City of Indianapolis announced that the home on Hamilton Avenue would be demolished in the next 60 days and, as promised, the house was demolished the morning of July 16th 2010.

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