Thursday, June 14, 2012

"I had faith that they were going to catch him."

"Athletic" Homeless Man Caught After Leaping From Balcony, Jumping Two Fences
Re-printed from a story at WKRC Channel 12 on June 13th 2012

After an incredible chase from the scene of a break-in, a homeless serial burglar is arrested in West Price Hill.

Cincinnati Police have linked a homeless man to a string of burglaries and break-ins in a local neighborhood, and WKRC Local 12 news crews were there for his arrest. Police say the man hit three homes in West Price Hill this month, including the day of his arrest on June 13th 2012.

Local 12's Angela Ingram has more on why police say he may also have to answer to charges in Indiana for similar charges. According to CPD Reginald Walker is a homeless man, with no vehicle, yet somehow got across state lines to commit more burglaries. How he got to Indiana is unclear at this time. What is also strange is that Walker was convicted of Auto Theft in 2010 and although he was convicted of this felony he was sentenced to probation with no jail time whatsoever. His bond for this crime was also extremely low at $500 ($5000 at 10%).

Reginald Walker was handcuffed and exhausted when police brought him in for questioning. Police say he broke into a house on St. Lawrence Tuesday morning, but the alarm went off. Cliff Jenkins says, "When I got here, I saw a police officer walk up the back steps with his gun drawn, going inside the house."

Jenkins got a call from his security company saying that someone was inside his home. Police say when Walker saw them pull up, he put down the Jenkins' TV and bolted from the house. "He had jumped off our nine-foot back porch onto the ground, hopped our four-foot fence, hopped the next door neighbor's four-foot fence, hopped another six-foot privacy fence and another eight-foot privacy fence. So this guy has missed his calling to win the Olympics, obviously."

Officers eventually caught up with Walker after the St. Lawrence burglary. Cincinnati Police Sgt. Mike Whitis says, "About an hour later, we got a call from a citizen on Purcell saying they saw a suspicious person in the backyards on Purcell. They gave a description, and it sounded like the guy from St. Lawrence."

Investigators linked Walker to two other burglaries on Suire and Rosemont. They're in close proximity to St. Lawrence. Police say Walker also has warrants for stealing cars. One of his alleged victims is glad that his alarm was working. "Glad to see him gone, you know. I had faith that they were going to catch him because the police officers had pretty good confidence that they weren't going to lose him today."

Walker did get away with some cash and credit cards from the home on St. Lawrence, but the family was able to immediately cancel those credit cards before they could be used.

Walker also has outstanding warrants for Obstructing Official Police Business and Receiving Stolen Property. His bond for this series of burglaries in $50,000.

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