Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maniac Gunman Shoots Four Kills Two

Deranged Man Fires On Unarmed Citizens Near Broad Ripple
Re-printed from a story at WTHR Channel 13 on May 31st 2012
Michael Anderson Indianapolis Shooting Murder Suicide
Details from the late May 2012 shooting of 5 people in Broad Ripple begin to emerge.

Police have identified the gunman in a shooting at a northeast Indianapolis apartment complex.

Michael Anderson, 30, of Indianapolis, shot four people at the Villa Paree Apartments on Allisonville Road around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday May 30th 2012. According to police Anderson ended his shooting spree by turning his weapon on himself when he was confronted by police.

Anderson later died of the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Alicia Koehl, 45, of Indianapolis, was killed in the shooting. Stephanie Bellamy, a 29-year-old resident of the apartment complex, was injured, along with apartment employees Jacob Wiseman, 30, and 61-year-old Charlene Sanders. The surviving victims were last listed in stable condition at both Methodist and Wishard hospitals.

Co-workers lowered the flag in front of the leasing office, where much of the shooting occurred, to half staff Thursday morning.

A family friend says Koehl, a mother of two young children, was recently promoted and transferred to the complex. Residents knew Koehl and say they liked her.

"She was really nice. I liked her. She was a really nice person," said resident Olivia Christie.

"She was really cheerful. She was willing to help anybody," said resident Steve Bowman.

Koehl's sister-in-law, Judy Pollack, talked about the family's anger and grief.

"She was a fantastic daughter, wife and mother. She loved more than anything to be with her family and she's been taken from her family," Pollack said.

Pollack said Koehl's favorite jobs were mother and school volunteer. She was just named "Volunteer of the Year" at the school her son and daughter attend.

Anderson lived in an apartment overlooking the crime scene. A neighbor, who didn't want to appear on camera, says Anderson was pretty much a loner, frustrated by his ability to find and had something of a hair trigger when it came to controlling his temper.

"I was in the living room. I heard 'pop, pop, pop, pop'," the neighbor said.

Residents are still living with the horror of a crime they can't explain or understand.

"I'm just in disbelief. I'm in disbelief. I just never thought it would happen here. It's so peaceful here. It's really a peaceful place. I love it here, but you never know what's on somebody's mind. You just never know," said Yolanda Vandever.

"It's quiet around here. I never thought this would have happened here. It's so quiet, peaceful," said Lonnie Odem.

"I don't feel safe, though. I'm not going to renew my lease in September. I didn't even stay here last night. I just got home. I don't feel safe," Vandever said.

Police say they don't yet know a motive for the shooting.

WTHR Channel 13, Family remembers shooting victim; gunman identified