Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Murderer Recieves Life For 2010 Robbery

34-Year-Old Career Criminal Spends Last 18 Years In And Out Of Prison
Re-printed from a story at WTHR Channel 8 on June 13th 2012
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Mugshots, starting at age 16 in 1994, show a cold, callous man with an increasingly serious criminal record.

One of Indianapolis’ most dangerous criminals is behind bars for life after being convicted and sentenced for being responsible for a series of Robberies that culminated in the murder of a jewelry store owner, Jerry Pedigo.

On April 3rd 2010 police say a man walked into Cirilla's, an adult novelty store in the 8600 Block of North Michigan Avenue, robbed the store and violently beat and kicked a female employee. Police say that robber left behind a finger print. And the print led them to Michael Inman.

Then on April 9th 2010 police responded to a robbery and shooting at Pedigo Jewelers in the 1000 Block of Virginia Avenue. That’s where they found the owner David Pedigo dead and jewelry missing, but no suspect.

Then the very next day, April 10th Patrol Officer James Sparks tracked down Inman for the Cirilla’s robbery. Sparks says Inman threw a gun during the arrest and he had jewelry in his pocket at the time of the arrest. Police say that gun matched the gun used to kill Pedigo and the jewelry matched jewelry taken from Pedigo Jewelers.

Detectives say Michael Inman is a career criminal who robbed, burglarized and stole before. He was convicted and served time in prison for those crimes. The Indiana Department of Correction released Inman in December of 2009.

IMPD Det. Brian Lemond admits, "It is always frustrating whenever somebody has done time for the same crime or obviously when you see them escalate in the violence of their crimes. We just do the best job that we can and then we leave that up to the judicial system though."

Lemond says Inman did not serve his full sentence for his previous conviction. and that Inman was on probation at the time of the arrest for the Robbery of Cirilla's that led to the discovery of the gun used in Jerry Pedigo's murder.

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