Thursday, June 14, 2012

"We need to be more mindful, more vigilant."

Six Foot Tall Masked, Naked Pederast On The Loose In Philadelphia
Re-printed from a story at NBC Channel 10 on June 14th 2012

A nine-year-old girl was targeted by a man whom police are actively seeking as a Rape suspect.

A naked man abducted a little girl from her home this morning, entering through an unlocked door undetected, and took her to an alley then sexually assaulted her, according to Philadelphia Police.

NBC 10 had a reporter and camera crew on the scene June 14 2012, at the 4600 block of D Street in the Feltonville, when the nine-year-old returned back home - running down the sidewalk in her bare feet and then up the front steps of her home to hug her dad as police and family members were gathered on the porch.

"We need to be more mindful, more vigilant and more aware of our neighbors," said Leitha Everett, a neighbor of the family.

According to police, at around 4:30 A.M. the same day, the Rape suspect got into the home through the front door around, which was unlocked. The victim was asleep in a room with other siblings. She told police she woke up to a man touching her leg.

"She was confronted by who she describes as a black, adult male," said Philadelphia Police Captain John Darby. "He is undressed."

The 4600 block of D Street in the Feltonville neighborhood of Philadelphia where the child abduction occurred.

The suspect was standing over her with a green mask on, according to the victim. She told police he took her to an alley in her Feltonville neighborhood and assaulted her, then took her to a nearby school yard and told her to go home.

Investigators say the parents did hear commotion in the home, discovered their daughter was missing and called police.

Police say the little girl described the man as black, about six-feet-tall, a thin build and clean shaven, wearing a green mask and Nike running shoes. He was otherwise naked.

Police are currently reviewing surveillance video from several businesses in the area. The girl was treated at St. Christopher's Hospital where she underwent several medical tests. Police plan to interview the girl on Thursday.

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