Monday, August 6, 2012

"- he is brain dead and we don't expect him to make it."

13-Year-Old Killed In Botched Alley Robbery
Re-printed from a story at WTHR Channel 13 on August 6th 2012
13-year-old Jarell Tucker's automatic hand-gun and ammunition.
13-year-old Jarell Tucker's Facebook features this photo of an automatic hand-gun and ammunition along with photos of the teenager making gang hand gestures.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. - A 13-year-old Indianapolis boy, who was arrested for a Robbery with four others less than one week before he was shot in a dark alley in Indianapolis by his alleged victim, has died as a result of that shooting.

On Sunday the night of August 5th 2012 Indianapolis Police found Jarrell Tucker in an alley between two houses in the 100 block of North Denny Street, near New York Street and Sherman Drive. Evidence shows that the child had been shot right outside his alleged victim's home.

Late Monday afternoon, Tucker's aunt, Chyna Tucker, said, "We are just waiting on other family members to arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to Jarrell, because he is brain dead and we don't expect him to make it. After that his mother will decide to take him off life support."

The teenager's mother says her son was shot multiple times after being confronted by an adult male on the street.

" son was walking and he punched my son and then he shot my son two times. Once in the head and once in the leg," Dayna Tucker said.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, detectives talked to the shooter, identified as 56-year-old Glenn Beard, Sunday night, but did not detain him. After talking to witnesses, they are now actively looking for Beard with a warrant for his arrest.

"Please, anybody out there who knows where he is, turn him in. His name is Glenn Beard. Please turn him in," Dayna Tucker said.

In September 2009, Beard was convicted of B Felony Possession of a Firearm by a Serious Violent Felon and was sentenced to six years in the Department of Correction (IDOC). If he had served only half of this sentence, he would still be in prison. As it was, he was released from IDOC on September 8th 2011. Eyewitness News is looking into why he was released early.

The 2009 weapon possession conviction involving Beard happened after police responded to calls about a man with a gun. When officers arrived they found Beard with a .357 revolver loaded with six rounds. Officers also found two speed loaders in his front pockets loaded with 12 rounds. Metro Police say Beard did not have a permit at that time to carry a weapon. Officers arrested Beard after he reportedly dropped the revolver, hid between two vehicles and tried to run away.

100 North Denny Street, near Sherman and New York, on the near east side of Indianapolis where Jarell Tucker was shot and killed in an alley.

Jarrell Tucker was supposed to be at Howe High School for the first day of classes Monday. When school let out for the day, ministers from the Ten Point Coalition concerned about racial tension called for peace, targeting angry known gang members.

"Sensed some concern by neighbors that this may escalate and that's why we are involved," said Rev. Charles Harrison.

The coalition got in contact with known gang members after hearing talk about retaliation. Rev. Harrison feared Beard's release Sunday night would spark a case similar to the Treyvon Martin shooting.

"The fact that the suspect is white and the shooting victim is a young black teenager, we have heard some concerns by neighbors that this may escalate and that's why we are involved in this case," said Harrison.

The Coalition did reach out to some known gang members who agreed to at least listen to them Monday afternoon.

Metro Acting Police Chief Rick Hite said, "We are working to gather the facts of this case and will present them to the prosecutor. We will not tolerate any child getting shot regardless of his or her criminal history."

Hite is confident that they will get to the bottom of what led to the shooting as his detectives continued to seek information from witnesses and other people in the neighborhood.

Jarrell Tucker has also had run-ins with police. Records show that he has been arrested at least six times. The most serious arrest happened July 30th 2012 when officers took Tucker and four other teenagers into custody on Robbery related charges.

While police continue their search for the suspect, Dayna Tucker is still looking for answers.

"My family and my friends are just concerned about him," she said.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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