Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teen Serial Rapist Arrested Near Elementary School

According To Court Documents: Suspect's First Rape Committed At 14 In 2008
Re-printed from a story at WKRC Channel 12 on August 28th 2012

Merrell Dodds, a convicted Rapist, is brought in for arraignment in a Cincinnati court room.

CINCINNATI, OH. - A convicted sex offender, a man who has previous served time for a Rape he committed when he was just 14 years old and was released from jail at the end of 2011 is once more under arrest again for a series of rapes in Winton Terrace.

Cincinnati Police made the violent connection over the weekend and arrested 18-year-old Merrell Dodds in connection with three rapes and an attempted rape.

The three attacks all happened during a one-week time period in August in the Winton Terrace neighborhood. Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us the victims helped police stop a man they believe was on a rape spree.

Convicted rapist Merrell Dodds, at 18 years old, is now charged in a weekend rape and attempted rape. Captain Eliot Isaac of the Cincinnati Police says, "Three of the offense occurred in the past week two over the weekend when all the dots were connected, by investigators. We were fortunate to catch him."

Dodds was staying at an apartment on Vivian Street. On Friday, a woman told police he tried to rape her. Early Sunday a woman identified Dodds as the man who broke into her apartment and raped her. "If anyone is willing to force entry for a sexual assault, they are capable of extreme violence and we want to devote resources to apprehend him."

Dodd is charged with a rape less than one block from an elementary school, Winton Terrace Elementary, in Cincinnati.

Women on Vivian had heard about rapes on Dutch Colony and Winneste. They believe he would not have stopped on his own, and they wonder about something else. "How many other places he was doing this reaking in? How many other women or little girls?"

Police know where Dodds was in 2010. He was a juvenile, doing time for a Kidnapping and Rape. After serving just 4 years due to his age he was released last December. Now, Dodds is charged with Rape, an Attempted Rape, and will soon be charged in a third Rape. He'll also likely face a fourth Rape charge, after DNA evidence is analyzed.

Police say without the cooperation of victims, Dodds would still be on the streets.

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