Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Faces of Crack: Derrick Wells

After A Handful Of Months Incarceration - Man Is Covered In Jailhouse Ink
Written by John Brown's Bones
An Ohio man seen over a a relatively short period of arrests for crack related crimes in Cincinnati.

Since the age of 18 in 1998, Derrick Wells, a 32-year-old Cincinnati man, been arrested or convicted of nearly 100 violent or cocaine related offenses. Yet, Mr. Wells has never spent more than a few months in a county jail or a state prison despite his numerous serious convictions involving dealing or using crack cocaine.

Mr. Wells has been arrested or convicted for Reckless Driving, Assault in 2011, Domestic Violence, Theft, two Assault charges in 2006 and the most serious charges of all: Robbery, Attempted Rape and Escape were reduced to Gross Sexual Imposition in 2005 for which Mr. Wells only sentenced to 1 year in prison. All of this time was spent in the Justice Center in Hamilton County. Only four months passed between Mr. Well's conviction and his release in 2005.

Mr. Wells is representative of the epidemic of crack cocaine users that pass through the justice system, refuse treatment through drug courts and then continue to commit more serious crimes. This type of offender is one of the most common in the American criminal justice system.

Hamilton County Clerk Of Courts, B0408645: Robbery, Attempted Rape and Escape